Bali Knitwear Factory & Manufacturer

Bali Knitting Factory is supplier & manufacturers quality Knitwear handmade, Casual wear and Thermal wear for both local and international markets, our products already go international markets, Bali knitting factory since around 11 years a go until now make this business.
Our philosophy is to produce high quality garments that are fashionable, functional and innovative design.

Proudly made in Bali, Indonesia by a company that values its people, customers and local community whilst minimizing our impact on the environment and many export to Asia and Europe business.
For design we always good with same season about our products and we have many design example for you if you don’t have inspiration design.

Bali knitwear have no price sample but we have always price production so about the price we never play price sample, little or many quantity order we just make Price Production.

For the material yarns we available 100% cotton yarns, acrylic yarns, anysa yarns (stretch fabrics), soft-tarmu (wool 30%) like mohair but not real mohair, popcorn yarns.

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